Health Care: Where is all your money really going?

Earlier this year on June 18th Steven Brill gave testimony about the cost of health care to the United States’ Senate Committee on Finance. Prior to his testimony he decoded and examined medical bills at random for a special issue of TIME Magazine. Brill’s testimony consisted of a thorough accounting of his findings, over which his frustration is clearly evident. Through several anecdotal cases Brill was able to showcase the abysmally high cost of health care for Americans, whether they are insured, under-insured or have no insurance at all. In addition to this, Brill made it a point to place the focus on why the cost of health care is so high instead of who should pay for it. His testimony to the Committee on Finance and his article on the same topic in TIME Magazine are a must read for anyone interested in health care reform.

Steven Brill’s Testimony


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